Dallas-Fort Worth Teen Depression Treatment

IOP & PHP Depression Treatment Programs for Teens

IOP+ & PHP+ Treatment Center for Depressed Kids in DFW

PHP/IOP Treatment at Charis Behavioral Health is a great fit for kids and teens struggling with depression. Depression can affect the way you think, feel, and the way your body functions. With creative therapeutic interventions that dive deep to the core of your child’s healing, our multidisciplinary team of clinicians empower your child to discover how to reclaim a vibrant life.

Signs of Severe Depression in Teens

  • Change in Sleep (Too Much or None)

  • Change in Appetitie (Overeating or Undereating)

  • Isolation

  • Hopelessness

    The negative effects of depression in teens are more than just a melancholy mood. Depression can lead to a change in your teen’s personality, which can manifest in many ways such as sadness, despair, or anger.

  • Suicidal Thoughts

    For teens, thoughts of suicide can range from fleeting to making actual plans to end their life. Thoughts can be passive, meaning a desire to stop the pain, but not taking action, or active when a teen begins to take steps to act out a suicide plan.

How to Help Your Child with Depression

  • Encourage Social Connection

    Help your teen stay connected with their friends and with you, by being present.

  • Make Physical Health a Priority

    Encourage exercise, nutritional eating, good sleep, and limit screen time.

  • Know When to Seek Professional Help

    Finding the right therapist and including your teen in the process is essential. Sometimes medication is warranted, so be open to discussing with a psychiatrist who is trained to understand which medication would be most suitable for your child and be prepared to ask questions.

  • Support Your Teen Through Depression Treatment

    Be understanding, stay involved and be patient with your teen and with the process.

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Programs for Adolescents Suffering From Depression in Dallas-Fort Worth

Intensive Outpatient Program+

IOP treatment is a level of care used to treat depression. The Charis IOP program gives your child a unique opportunity to spend time focusing on how to find healing for themselves. Once your child gains the tools needed in our PHP level of care, they will have the opportunity to implement and test those tools while they receive support from the clinical team.

Partial Hospitalization Program+

PHP is a level of care used to treat severe symptoms of depression that are impacting the daily functioning of a child or teen. During PHP treatment, the goal is for the child and family to gain the skills needed, process underlying concerns, and stabilize symptoms. At Charis, we believe in treating the family system as a whole, so we provide treatment for the entire family to prepare for a step down to the IOP level of care.
Depression Assessments For Kids & Teens

DFW Adolescent Depression Assessment

At Charis Behavioral Health, we utilize the Zung Assessment Tool to assess for depression. This assessment tool is evidence-based and allows our team to get a full picture of how to best treat depression specific to your child. Our team also implements many other assessment tools such as the in-home assessment, psychological evaluation, and biopsychosocial assessment to gain a full understanding of a teen’s depression.

How Kids With Depression Can Benefit From IOP+ & PHP+
Depression Medication for Children

 We treat depression with the whole child in mind. Children and adolescents have bodies and brains that are still developing, because of this our medical staff is thoughtful and intentional in the recommendation and prescribing of medications. Through the utilization of genetic testing, we are able to gain insights into which medications may have the greatest efficacy and apply this knowledge in the guidance of current and future medications.

Dallas-Fort Worth Therapy for Teenage Depression
Charis provides intensive therapy at different levels of care for teens with depression. Charis therapists use evidence-based treatment models to enhance treatment results. Charis provides group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy.
Teen Suicide Prevention
According to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents. Charis Behavioral Health addresses ongoing suicidal thoughts and behaviors stemming from depression. We also believe in a community approach to suicide prevention so we work to provide education to the community.

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