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A Dynamic Family-Based Approach To PHP & IOP for Kids and Teens


Greek meaning “grace, kindness and life”

About Charis

Help and Healing

Charis utilizes a dynamic treatment model that addresses the unique needs of this generation. We empower teens with the knowledge and reflection they need to make positive, meaningful choices. We foster opportunities for young people to embrace their imagination, discover their passions, unlock their infinite potential and create a personal vision of happiness.

Time For A Change

We offer children and teens real solutions to tolerate and manage stress, regulate difficult and uncomfortable emotions and improve relationships with families and peers. We come from a non-judgemental place of compassion and understanding.

Treatment For The Whole Family

Our experienced team of master’s level, licensed, professional clinicians work to understand emotional challenges, addiction problems and behavioral issues of each child. We are committed to being your allies in healing. We know life will continue to have ups and downs and the entire family is affected when a child is struggling. We hope to facilitate change in each person in the family system allowing for a healthier home environment for everyone.

Why Choose Charis For Your Child?

We Put Kids First

Charis is a labor of love founded by people who care deeply about children.  It is our mission to positively impact as many lives as possible, utilizing the most innovative treatment modalities and measuring outcomes. Every clinical discussion and decision is rooted in grace, kindness and life. It sums up who we are and what we believe. It clarifies our primary goal: That each child is seen, heard and known.

Our Programs

PHP/IOP For Kids Ages 7-17

Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programming are treatment options that offer a child the opportunity to receive effective treatment in a safe environment during the day and return home in the evening. Attending programming Monday through Friday allows for the skills cultivated during the day to be implemented, in real time, with continual guidance and support from Charis’ team of multidisciplinary professionals. While group therapy is the primary framework, each child also receives weekly individual counseling and family therapy. The combination of group, individual and family therapy provides the foundation for the process of uncovering and addressing the underlying issues which empowers movement towards healing.

Medication Management

In conjunction with therapy services, a psychiatrist and medical staff will address medication and physical health needs to aid in each child achieving emotional well-being. Responsible medication management is essential to effective treatment because the mind and the body of a child is still developing. Each child receives a physical assessment and comprehensive psychiatric evaluation prior to medications being prescribed. The psychiatrist oversees treatment and visits with each child 1-2 times weekly. Additionally, children and families receive education about nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits to support mental health.

Because Every Child is Unique

The Charis model offers a variety of experiential methods for self-expression to encourage engagement in treatment and improved therapeutic outcomes. Discussing difficult topics and explaining confusing emotions is tough. Kids and teens will have the opportunity to tell their stories and heal through writing, art and movement. At Charis, children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, such as weekly yoga sessions, to support mind-body connection and awareness. Children express themselves in a multitude of ways. We want to speak your child’s healing language.

When one member of a family struggles, the entire family is impacted. Long-term healing and wellness are rooted in a healthy home. Our charis@home program offers parents the opportunity to collaborate with a therapist from the comfort of their home. Together, we will create a plan that is specific to the needs of each family. The program provides insight and solutions related to safety, communication, boundaries and attachment. This specialized approach supports the entire family through transition. It is a platform for practical and lasting interventions that ignite change and positively impact the family as a whole.


A child falling behind in education is a common concern. At Charis, we value education. We partner with local school districts and create an education plan that allows for a focus on mental health without disregarding the importance of education. A certified teacher oversees the completion of daily assignments and a dedicated school liaison ensures that there are no surprises when your child returns to school. Our school program not only focuses on curriculum but appreciates the role of education as part of the healing process, therefore, we also address issues such as performance and test anxiety while your child is in our care.

Complimentary Assessments

We offer a complimentary assessment to determine the appropriate level of care and provide treatment options. During the assessment, a master’s level therapist collaborates with the family to determine the psychological, biological and social factors that may contribute to the obstacles a child is facing. We put kids first and that means we deeply care about taking the time to complete a detailed assessment to provide the best roadmap to healing. The initial meeting also allows families to learn more about our team and the services we provide. The assessment can be scheduled within 24 hours of contacting us. We look forward to beginning the journey of growing together.

For Parents

We Are Here For You

We know the decision to reach out for help is not easy. As parents, you’re probably wondering what to do. Along with that comes so many emotions: sadness, uncertainty, guilt, anger, confusion and even fear. We will support you through those feelings and help your family heal and grow. When your child attends Charis, we become part of your team. We’ll be with you through this journey. We’re ready, willing and able to talk if you have questions or concerns about anything at all.

Taking the Next Step

The right care, right now, can make a lifetime of difference for kids suffering from mental health, addiction and behavioral issues. Treatment gives them the tools to manage their stress, succeed in school, maintain better relationships, feel better about themselves and commit to lifelong positive change. While your loved one is here, you will benefit too. At Charis, treatment is for the whole family. It’s a time of reflection, healing, communicating and working together. In our charis@home program, everyone who plays a significant and positive role in your child’s life is included. We approach the family in a unique way that allows changes at home to parallel changes at Charis. It eases the struggle to create lasting positive change. We succeed when your child leaves Charis in harmony with themselves, their family and the world.

For Professionals

Let’s Get Connected

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Join us! As a part of the mental health community, we believe that bigger is better! It is our job to make specific and appropriate referrals. Each child and family can benefit from us getting connected and supporting one another.

18 & Under Club

You are in the club! We believe it takes a village and we want you to be part of ours. Kids can benefit from a multitude of resources so we created the 18 & Under Club. This is a networking/education event for anyone who serves ages 18 & under. Please visit our Facebook page to learn more.

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