Our IOP+ & PHP+ Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurotherapy in Mental Health Treatment for Teens

At Charis, we believe training the brain in resilience is critical to the healing process. Our brains control all things mental, emotional, and physical in the body. Neurotherapy through advanced neurofeedback technology is included in our PHP+ and IOP+ programming. A quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) records brain waves, in real time. It’s like having a continuously updated map of the brain. This information is utilized to teach the brain to operate more efficiently and self-regulate. Neurotherapy enables the brain to achieve peak performance by breaking down negative rigid brain wave patterns. Neurotherapy can improve quality of sleep, focus, a balanced mood, alertness, and stress reduction. Neurotherapy technology is non-invasive and promotes positive change at the source of the problem.

Teen Neurofeedback Treatment Programs

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